Все достижения и трофеи Lifeless Planet

15 достижений 
Достижение/трофей Explorer в Lifeless Planet
Don't follow the footprints in a dangerous area.
Достижение/трофей Rock Hound в Lifeless Planet
Rock Hound
Collect 10 science samples.
Достижение/трофей Planetary Historian в Lifeless Planet
Planetary Historian
Read 20 documents.
Достижение/трофей Rocketeer в Lifeless Planet
Finish the game in under 4 hours.
Достижение/трофей Colonist в Lifeless Planet
Spend 15 minutes in the town.
Достижение/трофей Expedition Leader в Lifeless Planet
Expedition Leader
Play the game for more than 10 hours.
Достижение/трофей Lifeless Astronaut в Lifeless Planet
Lifeless Astronaut
Die every possible way on the planet.
Достижение/трофей Geologist в Lifeless Planet
Collect 15 science samples.
Достижение/трофей Survivalist в Lifeless Planet
Survive the game without dying.
Достижение/трофей Gravity Kills в Lifeless Planet
Gravity Kills
Die from a hard fall.
Достижение/трофей Jetpacker в Lifeless Planet
Enable extended boost with the jetpack.
Достижение/трофей Adventurer в Lifeless Planet
Make a long and difficult jump with the jetpack.
Достижение/трофей Ambidextrous в Lifeless Planet
Solve a puzzle with the robotic arm.
Достижение/трофей What Was That? в Lifeless Planet
What Was That?
Something mysterious kills you.
Достижение/трофей Burned в Lifeless Planet
Catch on fire.

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