Все достижения и трофеи Boundless

60 достижений 
Достижение/трофей The Pioneer в Boundless
The Pioneer
Achieved level 30.
Достижение/трофей The Chieftain в Boundless
The Chieftain
Achieved level 40.
Достижение/трофей The Master в Boundless
The Master
Achieved level 50.
Достижение/трофей Unlocking Your Potential в Boundless
Unlocking Your Potential
Learned first skill.
Достижение/трофей Power Surge в Boundless
Power Surge
Activated 20 skills simultaneously.
Достижение/трофей Maximum Effort в Boundless
Maximum Effort
Activated 50 skills simultaneously.
Достижение/трофей Game Changer <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
Game Changer (секретное)
Unlocked your first Skill Set
Достижение/трофей Part Of The Community в Boundless
Part Of The Community
Joined a settlement.
Достижение/трофей Jack-Of-All-Trades <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
Jack-Of-All-Trades (секретное)
Fully upgraded all Skill Sets
Достижение/трофей My First Crafted Item в Boundless
My First Crafted Item
Crafted your first item.
Достижение/трофей Legendary Crafter в Boundless
Legendary Crafter
Crafted 100,000 items with machines.
Достижение/трофей My First Forged Item в Boundless
My First Forged Item
Successfully Forged your first item.
Достижение/трофей Legendary Forger в Boundless
Legendary Forger
Forged 1,000 items.
Достижение/трофей The Ultimate Forged Item в Boundless
The Ultimate Forged Item
Forged an item with 3 Boons, 3 Defects and 3 Quirks.
Достижение/трофей The Fountain Of Knowledge в Boundless
The Fountain Of Knowledge
Unlock nearly every recipe and tip in the Knowledge.
Достижение/трофей Demolition Expert в Boundless
Demolition Expert
Destroyed 1,000,000 blocks.
Достижение/трофей The Pillars Of Society в Boundless
The Pillars Of Society
Placed 100,000 blocks.
Достижение/трофей Lord Of The Land в Boundless
Lord Of The Land
Placed 1,000 plots.
Достижение/трофей A Work Of Art в Boundless
A Work Of Art
Chiseled a block for the first time.
Достижение/трофей Shaping The World в Boundless
Shaping The World
Chiseled 1,000 blocks.
Достижение/трофей Against All Odds в Boundless
Against All Odds
Survived on an special world for 2 hours without dying.
Достижение/трофей A Journey Into The Unknown в Boundless
A Journey Into The Unknown
Completed the Sanctum.
Достижение/трофей No Feat Too Great в Boundless
No Feat Too Great
Completed 675 Feats.
Достижение/трофей Hey, Big Spender! в Boundless
Hey, Big Spender!
Spent 1,000,000 Coin in shops.
Достижение/трофей Body Count в Boundless
Body Count
Defeated 1,000 Creatures.
Достижение/трофей Legendary Hunter в Boundless
Legendary Hunter
Defeat one of nearly every creature type.
Достижение/трофей A Second Chance в Boundless
A Second Chance
Successfully revived your first ally.
Достижение/трофей Not On My Watch в Boundless
Not On My Watch
Successfully revived 1,000 citzens.
Достижение/трофей A Close Call <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
A Close Call (секретное)
Defeated a Creature with 1% Health remaining
Достижение/трофей Meteorite Conqueror в Boundless
Meteorite Conqueror
Complete 100 active Meteorites.
Достижение/трофей What Are The Odds Of That? <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
What Are The Odds Of That? (секретное)
Defeated by a falling Meteorite
Достижение/трофей Survival Of The Fittest в Boundless
Survival Of The Fittest
Completed a meteorite on a Special World without dying.
Достижение/трофей What Are Ya Buyin', Stranger? в Boundless
What Are Ya Buyin', Stranger?
Purchased your first item from a buying plinth.
Достижение/трофей Money Maker в Boundless
Money Maker
Earned 1,000,000 Coin from Beacon Footfall.
Достижение/трофей Do We Have A Deal? в Boundless
Do We Have A Deal?
Successfully completed your first trade with another citizen.
Достижение/трофей Thank You, Come Again! в Boundless
Thank You, Come Again!
Sold your first item in a selling plinth.
Достижение/трофей Tasty Treat в Boundless
Tasty Treat
Consumed your first item.
Достижение/трофей King Of The World в Boundless
King Of The World
Became the Viceroy of a world.
Достижение/трофей All You Can Eat в Boundless
All You Can Eat
Consumed 1,000 items.
Достижение/трофей Well, That Broke. в Boundless
Well, That Broke.
Broke your first wieldable item.
Достижение/трофей Seeing New Sights в Boundless
Seeing New Sights
Discovered a new region for the first time.
Достижение/трофей Interstellar Cartography в Boundless
Interstellar Cartography
Discovered 50 regions on a single world.
Достижение/трофей Hello New World в Boundless
Hello New World
Built and travelled through a Warp.
Достижение/трофей That's So Cool! в Boundless
That's So Cool!
Travelled through a Portal.
Достижение/трофей Always Last To The Party в Boundless
Always Last To The Party
Harvested 50 dormant meteorites.
Достижение/трофей Where No One Has Gone Before в Boundless
Where No One Has Gone Before
Visited nearly every type of world.
Достижение/трофей Friendly Neighbourhood Grapple-Man <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
Friendly Neighbourhood Grapple-Man (секретное)
Travelled 100 metres by a single Grapple-swing without touching the ground
Достижение/трофей Daredevil <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
Daredevil (секретное)
Fell 200 meters without being Defeated
Достижение/трофей Above All Else <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
Above All Else (секретное)
Reached the top of the World
Достижение/трофей The Planet's Core <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
The Planet's Core (секретное)
Mined right down to a World's Mantle
Достижение/трофей Seven Wonders Of The World в Boundless
Seven Wonders Of The World
Achieved a Beacon Prestige rating of 1,000,000.
Достижение/трофей King Of The Hill в Boundless
King Of The Hill
Became the Warden of a settlement.
Достижение/трофей No Place Like Home в Boundless
No Place Like Home
Placed and Fuelled your first Beacon.
Достижение/трофей On Second Thought... в Boundless
On Second Thought...
Cleansed 10 skills.
Достижение/трофей Dear Diary в Boundless
Dear Diary
Completed your first Journal Objective.
Достижение/трофей Getting To The Core <span>(секретное)</span> в Boundless
Getting To The Core (секретное)
Core Objectives completed
Достижение/трофей Journal Addict в Boundless
Journal Addict
Completed 175 Journal Objectives.
Достижение/трофей Coming Back For More в Boundless
Coming Back For More
Completed a Daily and a Weekly Objective.
Достижение/трофей The Adventurer в Boundless
The Adventurer
Achieved level 10.
Достижение/трофей The Wayfarer в Boundless
The Wayfarer
Achieved level 20.

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