Все достижения и трофеи Observer

19 достижений 
Достижение/трофей I am an Observer <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
I am an Observer (секретное)
Completed your first Dream Eater sequence.
Достижение/трофей Drug trail в Observer
Drug trail
Interrogate Amir’s clients.
Достижение/трофей Outbreak в Observer
Find 10 nanophage patient cards.
Достижение/трофей Body snatcher в Observer
Body snatcher
Decide the fate of the merging minds.
Достижение/трофей KPD! Open up! в Observer
KPD! Open up!
Interrogate 20 tenants.
Достижение/трофей C0D38R3AK3R <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
C0D38R3AK3R (секретное)
Decrypted Adam's figurine.
Достижение/трофей Pearls before swine в Observer
Pearls before swine
Decide the fate of the organ farm.
Достижение/трофей It&rsquo;s a trap! <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
It’s a trap! (секретное)
Survive Adam’s trapware.
Достижение/трофей The prodigal son <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
The prodigal son (секретное)
Embraced Adam.
Достижение/трофей A death in the family <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
A death in the family (секретное)
Rejected Adam.
Достижение/трофей Altered states <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
Altered states (секретное)
Overdosed on synchronization pills.
Достижение/трофей Obsessive в Observer
Analyze 100 objects.
Достижение/трофей Noble Sword в Observer
Noble Sword
Complete all With Fire And Sword: Spiders arcade games
Достижение/трофей A work in progress <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
A work in progress (секретное)
Found all RC cars and recalled a memory of Adam.
Достижение/трофей By any other name <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
By any other name (секретное)
Found all roses and discovered the final resting place.
Достижение/трофей Unbreakable в Observer
Finish the game without dying.
Достижение/трофей The root of all evil <span>(секретное)</span> в Observer
The root of all evil (секретное)
Found and listened to all patient interview recordings.
Достижение/трофей Voxel runner в Observer
Voxel runner
Earn 3000 points during a single trapware run.
Достижение/трофей Pandemic в Observer
Find all nanophage patient cards in a single playthrough.

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