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Достижение/трофей Rookie Run в iBomber Attack
Rookie Run
Complete any level of the game.
Достижение/трофей Ironheart в iBomber Attack
Complete a level without dying.
Достижение/трофей Eager Beaver в iBomber Attack
Eager Beaver
Complete a secondary objective.
Достижение/трофей Doom Bringer в iBomber Attack
Doom Bringer
Get full destruction on a level.
Достижение/трофей Pickpocket в iBomber Attack
Collect all of the intel in a single level.
Достижение/трофей Fight Fire with Fire в iBomber Attack
Fight Fire with Fire
Kill a flame thrower guy with a flame thrower.
Достижение/трофей Battle Hardened в iBomber Attack
Battle Hardened
Complete the game.
Достижение/трофей Good ol' Emma Gee в iBomber Attack
Good ol' Emma Gee
Complete a level using only the machine gun.
Достижение/трофей Keep your powder dry в iBomber Attack
Keep your powder dry
Complete a level without firing a single shot.
Достижение/трофей Iron Warrior в iBomber Attack
Iron Warrior
Complete every level in the game on Hard.
Достижение/трофей Teacher's Pet в iBomber Attack
Teacher's Pet
Complete all secondary objectives.
Достижение/трофей Secret Weapon в iBomber Attack
Secret Weapon
Collect all of the intel in the entire game.

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