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54 достижения 
Достижение/трофей Welcome Youtuber в Youtubers Life
Welcome Youtuber
Thank you for playing Youtubers Life!
Достижение/трофей First step to fame в Youtubers Life
First step to fame
You've uploaded your first video
Достижение/трофей Sparks fly в Youtubers Life
Sparks fly
Your computer is broken
Достижение/трофей Bye Bye Mom в Youtubers Life
Bye Bye Mom
You've moved to the students flat
Достижение/трофей Nightlife в Youtubers Life
You've been clubbing
Достижение/трофей Cinema tonite? в Youtubers Life
Cinema tonite?
You've gone to the cinema with somebody
Достижение/трофей Crash course в Youtubers Life
Crash course
You've passed your first course
Достижение/трофей My first smartphone в Youtubers Life
My first smartphone
Buy a new telephone
Достижение/трофей Pay your debts в Youtubers Life
Pay your debts
You haven't paid this month's bill
Достижение/трофей An awesome apartment в Youtubers Life
An awesome apartment
You've moved to the double room loft
Достижение/трофей I'm attending Game World в Youtubers Life
I'm attending Game World
You've attended the Game World fair
Достижение/трофей Love is in the air в Youtubers Life
Love is in the air
You've got a boyfriend or a girlfriend
Достижение/трофей Hand in hand в Youtubers Life
Hand in hand
You've recorded a co-op video with a friend
Достижение/трофей Bookworm в Youtubers Life
You've got an A in your test
Достижение/трофей Bread eater <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
Bread eater (секретное)
Достижение/трофей I'm living in the penthouse в Youtubers Life
I'm living in the penthouse
You've moved to the luxury apartment
Достижение/трофей My big Youtuber wedding <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
My big Youtuber wedding (секретное)
Достижение/трофей Too many haters around в Youtubers Life
Too many haters around
You've got your first hater
Достижение/трофей Too expensive в Youtubers Life
Too expensive
Fire a collaborator
Достижение/трофей Retro fan <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
Retro fan (секретное)
Достижение/трофей I'm a super hero <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
I'm a super hero (секретное)
Достижение/трофей What a mansion! в Youtubers Life
What a mansion!
You've moved to the mansion
Достижение/трофей You've let the Community down <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
You've let the Community down (секретное)
Достижение/трофей My computer! <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
My computer! (секретное)
Достижение/трофей Kitchen stress! в Youtubers Life
Kitchen stress!
You participated in your first culinary challenge
Достижение/трофей Your first gig в Youtubers Life
Your first gig
You played your first show
Достижение/трофей Card collector в Youtubers Life
Card collector
Get all the situation cards
Достижение/трофей I am me of the future <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
I am me of the future (секретное)
Достижение/трофей A starred recipe <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
A starred recipe (секретное)
Достижение/трофей Everybody's watching me в Youtubers Life
Everybody's watching me
Reach 100,000,000 views
Достижение/трофей The last boundary в Youtubers Life
The last boundary
You've moved to the space mansion
Достижение/трофей I've got a Playstudios! <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
I've got a Playstudios! (секретное)
Достижение/трофей This computer rocks в Youtubers Life
This computer rocks
Buy the best widgets for your computer
Достижение/трофей Best youtuber ever в Youtubers Life
Best youtuber ever
You've finished Youtubers Life
Достижение/трофей This fair is cool в Youtubers Life
This fair is cool
You've attended the Kanto VG Show fair
Достижение/трофей Galactic show в Youtubers Life
Galactic show
You succeeded at the space show
Достижение/трофей The best fair worldwide в Youtubers Life
The best fair worldwide
You've attended the VG fair
Достижение/трофей Fail в Youtubers Life
You've got an F in your test
Достижение/трофей New Mister Chef в Youtubers Life
New Mister Chef
You won the Mister Chef competition
Достижение/трофей Best composer award <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
Best composer award (секретное)
Достижение/трофей Mrs. Stirling is that you? <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
Mrs. Stirling is that you? (секретное)
Достижение/трофей Furniture collector в Youtubers Life
Furniture collector
Buy all the furniture
Достижение/трофей The three wise Youtubers в Youtubers Life
The three wise Youtubers
Get the special Holiday costume and presents while the event lasts. Happy Holidays!
Достижение/трофей Master Gastronomer в Youtubers Life
Master Gastronomer
You mastered all the Gastronomies
Достижение/трофей Subscribers growth в Youtubers Life
Subscribers growth
Reach 15,000,000 subscribers
Достижение/трофей Clothes collector в Youtubers Life
Clothes collector
Buy all the available clothes
Достижение/трофей Chef's best table <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
Chef's best table (секретное)
Достижение/трофей Console collector <span>(секретное)</span> в Youtubers Life
Console collector (секретное)
Достижение/трофей Trick or Tuber! в Youtubers Life
Trick or Tuber!
Get the special Hallowen costume and pumpkin while the event lasts... and remember to eat as much candy as you can!
Достижение/трофей Utensil collector в Youtubers Life
Utensil collector
Buy all the utensils in the Cooking Channel
Достижение/трофей There ain't no better musician в Youtubers Life
There ain't no better musician
You've completed Youtubers Life as a Musician
Достижение/трофей Best Chef ever в Youtubers Life
Best Chef ever
You completed Youtubers Life as a Chef
Достижение/трофей Instrument collector в Youtubers Life
Instrument collector
Buy all the instruments in the Music Channel
Достижение/трофей The Lord of Instruments в Youtubers Life
The Lord of Instruments
Reach maximum level with every instrument

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