Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 03.12.2019]

Игра: We Happy Few
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Автор: Csimbi
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Дата: 4 декабря 2019, в 07:00
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  • Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 03.12.2019]

- Move Speed Mod; so you can adjust your movement speed (walk, run, sneak).
- [Скорость Передвижения]
- Jump Speed Mod; so you can adjust your jump speed (the speed at which you launch governs how high you jump).
- [Скорость Прыжка]
- Stamina Drain Mod; so you can adjust how fast your stamina drains (attack, jump, run). Fun fact: this applies to your health, too, so set to 0 for God Mode.
- [Скорость Убывания Выносливости]
- Vitals Drain Mod; so you can adjust how fast your other vitals drain (hunger, fatigue, thirst).
- [Скорость Убывания Других Показателей]
- Min Skill Points; so you can freeze your skill pts at the specified minimum value.
- [Очки Навыков]
- Weight Mod; so you can adjust your total carry weight and thus, carry more rubbish.
- [Переносимый Вес]
- Melee Speed Mod; so you can adjust your melee speed — except your fists though. Note: too high values will prevent you from attacking. For fast items like the umbrella, 2.5x was still okay, for slow items like the shovel I could do 8.0x. Might be just best to leave it at 2.5.
- [Рукопашный Бой]
- Max Durability; whenever you hit something with your current weapon, its durability will be restored to the maximum.
- [Прочность]
- Infinite Crafting; no ingredient will be taken, so you can craft as much as you want. Albeit, you must have the ingredients in the first place.
- [Беск. Крафтинг]
- Interaction Time Mod; so you don't need to hold that damn button to pick a lock or search a body.
- [Таймер Взаимодействия с Предметами]
- Min. Item Pickup; whenever you pick up an item (or transfer from/to storage), its stack size will be set to the desired minimum. There's no filter, so it applies to weapons too, so keep it disabled unless you need it. Best to drop what you need multiplied to the ground, enable min. pickup, pick up the item you dropped, and then disable the min. pickup. Set hotkeys if you don't want to ALT+Tab.
- [Количество Поднятых Предметов]
- Pointers; for now, it's just cash.
- [Другие Указатели]

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